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Kitty the Kitten

( I Am Kitty the Kitten -  paper book )

Miau - My name is Kitty the Kitten and I tell about the first year of my life through photos. I was born in the Finnish countryside in April and moved to a new home in June. As a puppy, I was wild and lively - carpets displaced and flowerpots on the floor. I was always playing and running around. I visited the nearby hamlet and beaches with my household. The photo book will also reveal the sort of drinking cup, which never runs out of water.

Finland - The Four Seasons of Nature

Finland- The Four Seasons of Nature encompasses a mesmerizing photographical journey into the beauty of the Finnish nature and its monuments built by Mother Nature herself. - Finland - North Karelia. - Landscapes - Nature art. "The nature's beauty is in the eyes of the spectator"

フィンランド - ランドスケープ

フィンランド - ランドスケープ - 自然 - アート
フィンランド - 北カレリア

芬蘭 - 自然之旅

Finland - Nature Tour

芬蘭 - 風景 - 自然的藝術
中國 - 英語
Photo book
Finland - lansdcape - nature art.
Chinese - English

Parga - kaupunki Kreikassa

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