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I live in the North Karelia, Finland. I spent my childhood in a farmhouse surrounded by farmland. This experience left me with a deep relationship to the nature.
I received my first camera at the age of ten. Since then, photography has played an important role in my life. Photographing nature and countryside has been the most intimate interest of mine. Out of animals, I mostly take photos of cats. I also enjoy taking photos from my travels. By the development of digital technology, I have composed a few printing paper and  digital photo books about my travels and kitten book.

KalleCat is an "author name"

Kalle cat

From the Press


I Am Kitty the Kitten


Sanomalehti Karjalainen


Kitty's music CD



Art Book - Photo

Photo Gallery

 KalleCat / H. Vattulainen
Kontiolahti as 80770 Finland


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